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11 ways to keep cool in the heat.

Are you super hot at work at the moment? I've worked out eleven ways you can keep cool in the heat - but I want to know what you think.

*Please note this is to keep cool, not as a treatment for overheating.

1. Changing your wet singlets often - at comb changes if necessary.

2. Getting clean dry jeans on - this is more for comfort, as the dampness will keep you cool.

3. Putting ice in your drink bottle and drinking regularly.

4.Eating cold foods, or if it's too hot for you to eat, make smoothies with frozen fruit, and someone once suggested to me, frozen peas! You can peel and freeze bananas too, especially good if they are going off on the bench.

5. Putting an ice pack on the back of your neck if you are feeling extra hot - a good way to spend smoko breaks?

6. Clamping a fan to your stand.

7. I've also heard it suggested that you put the fan facing out the window so it blows the hot air out and the fresh air comes rushing in - but I've not heard how well it works.

8. Investing in a portable air conditioning unit and putting ice in front of it.

9. Putting your feet in cold water whenever you stop - cooling your feet down can make you feel so much more comfortable.

10. A sweat band or bandanna to stop the sweat getting in your eyes

11. wearing no socks - keep your feet cool, keep the body cool

I've been doing some research in to heat and it's effects on the body, so I'll have quite a few posts for you this week about that.

I bet you have some other good ways I've never heard of. What have I missed? If you can post them in the comments below that would be great!

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