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My perfect day

Day 3 Challenge: Now that you know what a Perfect Day is, I want you to visualize yours and write it down as a blog post. Start with the moment you wake up, through to the time you go to sleep.
I’m waking up in my warm bed, with crisp non-sandy sheets, without my darling children in it (because they have slept all night!) and just as I wake up, they rush in to join me and The Weatherman (TW) for a morning snuggle.
We talk and read, and plan our day together – looking at what each of us want to achieve for the day, then get up and have a delicious cooked breakfast together with a big pile of free range eggs and handmade smoky bacon, listening to the waves and overlooking the beautiful smelling ocean.
While everyone else plays and relaxes, I spend some time meditating, then we all head off for a walk on the beach. We end up swimming, surfing and playing in the sand for hours, and we eat the delicious picnic that we packed, full of food that we love and can all eat.
After lunch we all rest up, reading, sleeping and playing quietly – lolling about like puppies in the shade. Then we go off together in the helicopter to visit friends. While the children play together, TW and I chat with our friends, who invite us for a BBQ, and we stay until just before dusk, when we fly back to the beach house and snuggle up ready for another big day.
Edited as the writing vanished when I had it all pretty between the pics!

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