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How would I do this on holiday?

Day 9 Challenge: Imagine you are on a long holiday in Portugal (or wherever your dream destination is). There are castles to explore, secret bars to discover, and sunny beaches to laze around on. In today’s post, I want you to write about how you will balance your adventure and work while you are away on this holiday.

My imaginary perfect day - on holiday...

This morning my gorgeous husband and beautiful babies and I zipped down to the beach after our delicious breakfast, laden with toys, snacks and towels, and played until the food ran out! We then drove to a local castle and did a speed trip with the highlights only, so they enjoyed the rest of the trip, and found a delightful café where we could all have something to eat and stay happy and healthy. This afternoon we had an evening picnic on the beach, and the kids all fell asleep happily listening to the waves gently landing on the beach.

Now they are asleep, I’m doing my business work for a couple of hours while my husband rests and enjoys the quiet after a busy day. After this, The Weatherman and I will pop out for a nice dessert while a lovely local lady takes care of the children. And this is how work will get done for the rest of the holiday – or I will work for a couple of hours after TW and I have been out for the evening. But nothing will get done on the weekend, and I’m planning that 6- 8 hours should work.

(Oooh, this looks lovely! Maybe it could work!)

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