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My superpowers!

Day 4 Challenge: Hopefully, you have discovered at least one or two superpowers that you have. They could even be something that you didn’t know existed until now! I want you to write down what these are and how these superpowers will help you to realize your dream of living the freedom lifestyle.

It was so nice to sit down and think about the things I am good at and the list was long, which I needed, frankly, after a pretty rough day. I’m going to leave the list at the end because I want to be able to read it again!

What I realised were my superpowers are seeing right to the heart of problems with intuition and an eye for seeing flaws and problems in a situation, and then finding practical simple solutions to help people with these problems and manage to give the “why” and “how” when explaining it.

This was heartening to hear and make clear - and what it means is that my “why” may need some work – I could look at wider niches than my 1500 people and get a bigger tribe, and create other products that also float my boat and use my special skills. I’ve got plans for another app, but I was wondering whether it was out of passion or something else that was driving me – again it’s a small niche in NZ, but it could be bigger with some small tweaks. It’s also neat to be able to get some perspective and apply my superpower to myself!


I’m good at being a mum, keeping my kids fed whole food with the least fuss (even though it’s a big job and there is still some fuss), being a physio, planning things, seeing things that can be better and finding solutions to make it work, seeing movement patterns, having great ideas, seeing to the heart of problems, making connections between people and things that would help their lives be more fun/enjoyable, and as my gorgeous sister put it – “I find practical simple solutions to help people and manage to give the “why” and “how” when explaining it.

Things I love to do, be outside, be in the water, spend time with my husband, play with my children, learn new things and being at “the front of the boat”, promote the wool industry, go on holiday, spend time at the beach, be in the bush, ride horses, find solutions to problems, talk with friends, make life better for people.

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