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Why am I doing this?

Day 2 Challenge: I want you to write down a reason for why you want to live the freedom lifestyle. Bonus points if you can figure out how to make a positive impact in the world by living this lifestyle.

It’s so easy for me to think about my why, why I want to live a “freedom lifestyle” which essentially means that I’m not tied down to one spot except by choice, and certainly not by work. It’s part of why I created Shear Pace – but only a small part. The positive impact I’m making on the world is to aid and inspire shearers and woolhandlers to be their very best so that people see shearing as an honourable and worthwhile profession.

The freedom lifestyle is important for me – I had an amazing upbringing on a farm, where I knew that both my parents would be there, and where we were able to take time off for things that were important to them. For me, it gave me a huge feeling of security knowing that we had that freedom and that knowing that someone would always be there at important events. I’m doing this so my children know the same feeling and so that I can be there and enjoy my children while they are still small, the time is going so fast. I keep thinking, when it’s tough, that the hours and days are long, but the weeks and years are going by so very fast. This is why I want to be able to choose when and where and how much I work.

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