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Why should I use Shear Pace?

Until now, shearers have had to plan in their head how many sheep they wanted to shear each day, and then work out how many seconds each sheep needed to take, how many per quarter, how many per run... then using the clock, work out whether the tally is up, down or bang on schedule.  


It takes up valuable brain space, which could be used for technique analysis, which, handily can increase speed.  


So, I created the Shear Pace App, which does all the maths for you.  It means that you can concentrate on where each blow is going, rather than worrying about whether you are on target for your tally. 



After 10 years of planning, this app has had all aspects thought through. Testing has been carried out with World Champion Machine Sheep Shearer Rowland Smith, who, with his eye for detail has contributed to the high level functionality of the app.  



World record candidates - set your day length, set your tally and go. Your second in command will know exactly where you are going, just by pressing the screen.   Sheep up, sheep down, bang on pace, it does it all.



Look at your sheep, decide on your goal tally, tap in the day length, and Shear Pace will tell you how fast you need to go.  It keeps track of your speed for every sheep, leaving you free to think about your technique, and not working out how many you did in the last quarter hour.  


View your run, your day, your week and years in the Tally Book or calendar. Make notes on the shed and the sheep in your day summary.  Review your income and check against your pay sheet.



Working out of cellphone range? Shear Pace saves everything to your phone - the information remains yours and doesn't require reception to work. 



Choose your tally or time and train for short bursts of speed and technique. 

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