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7 tips for a great speech

7 ways to make a great speech if you manage to win this weekend!

We’ve all heard the mumbling from the podium, and the thanks to the ladies in the lunchroom (they are important, don’t forget them) – but to make your speech one people will enjoy listening to as much as they enjoyed watching you, here are a few tips.

1. Enjoy the moment. You have worked so very hard to get here, and you deserve to be here – savour it – at least 5 other people don’t get the chance to do this.

2. Speak slowly – so people can hear each word and enjoy what you have to say.

3. Make a plan in advance – you aren’t jinxing yourself any more than if you choose your best comb, or comfortable shoes it's just good planning – have the names of the people you want to thank, and put it in your pocket. If you need to, write them on your hand in vivid after the final so you don’t have a piece of paper in your hand on the podium if you wish.

4. Tell us a little bit about yourself or your day, how you felt going in to the event, what happened that made you think you wouldn’t make it, make yourself human to us (being the superhuman that you are on the podium there!)

5. Keep it short and sweet

6. If you are funny (I’m not so I wouldn’t try it myself) – make an appropriate joke.

7. Thank the sponsors, and the judges, and anyone else you have thought of.

Not everyone gets to be up on that stage, and so many try. Be proud, and be humble, if it weren’t for those other athletes, there would be no competition. I think I mentioned, enjoy!

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