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How to avoid second hand sausage roll as you hit the last side

Shows aren’t normally on your back doorstep and there is huge amounts of travelling involved. The Easter Show and NZ Shears are just around the corner...

When you are travelling away, there is enough to think about without making sure you have all the food you need. But, as we all know, getting the right food in is one way to make sure that our performance is top notch. So, to avoid petrol station sandwiches (I always avoid petrol station sandwiches) and to make sure your tucker is great, here are a few tips.

1. Plan how long you are going to be away for, and write down the meals that you are not going to be at home to eat. (If you are really organised, you could type this out and keep it somewhere to refer to when you go away.)

2. Write down what you would like to eat for these meals

Make and keep a list of what meals you are away for and what you would like to eat.

3. Depending on your level of planning and organisation, you can put these in individual containers for each person for each meal – you can use Ziploc plastic bags, plastic containers (I like ones that stack so when they are empty it takes up less room) or ceramic/pyrex dishes with plastic lids/gladwrap/a teatowel.

4. Or you can just put enough for the time away in your box.

5. Put cold stuff in a chilly bin with cold packs to keep things from heating up and possibly causing bugs and tummy upsets (If that happens you may as well just go to the dodgy servo).

6. Put other stuff in another container, I like to have one with a lid so I can stack. But as you can see, I’m a bit like that.

7. Make sure there is enough water – horsey people take water from home for their horses as new water sources can bother the gee gee’s so why wouldn’t we do it – enough to get there anyway. We need to keep you hydrated with good stuff.

8. Add in cups, plates, bowls, cutlery.

9. If you are a coffee fan, and leaving early, why not make a nice plunger and put it in a thermos?

10. Milk for hot drinks!

11. When we go away, often we take a wee cooker and fry pan and stop on the side of the road and have a relaxing and refreshing barbeque.

12. If we have a long trip, I make up lunchboxes for everyone, so when the troops are restless, I can pass back their lunchboxes, and they can pick at what they like. That includes one for me and one for the Weather Man.

I’ll put some food ideas that we use in another post.

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