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Shearers and Woolhandlers:


Are you ready to


  • Increase your speed,

  • Ramp up your fitness

  • Laser sharp your focus,

  • Understand how to prevent and manage injuries and more?


In the Shear Pace Fit, Fast, Focused (with great injury prevention and management skills) workshop you will learn from the best in their field about

  • Whole food nutrition

  • Exercise programme planning

  • Appropriate exercises for your sport

  • How to prevent injury

  • How to manage any injury that comes up

  • Ways to improve your general health

  • Mental preparation strategies


Shear Pace Performance Team presents:


Fast, Fit and Focussed (with Great Injury Prevention and Management) - a workshop for Shearers and Woolhandlers


Invest in your performance in the shed and at shows.



Date: TBC

Location: TBC

Time: 8.30am - 4.30pm


  • Caryn Zinn – Nutrition

  • Victoria Hood – Mental Strategies

  •  (TBC) – Exercise Physiology, planning your training regime, improving performance in the shed and at shows

  • Storm Baynes-Ryan – General Health, Exercise prescription, Injury prevention, Injury management

What you will get out of the day:

You will leave bursting with information on how to improve your performance in a way that works with your body.

Not only will you receive a personalised exercise programme, you will be provided with information on how to progress your own exercise regime to improve your performance - and to get fitter and faster without going out and doing long miles after work - exercising smarter!  


Nutrition information will be provided in detail specific to Shearing and Woolhandling (in separate groups where necessary), and you will be provided with delicious meals that fit with the ethos of Low Carb, Healthy Fat eating. You will know the benefits of a great diet, and be shown tricks on how to transition from being a carb-burner to a fat-burner!

Mental preparation strategies will help you enjoy your work more and be more productive, and you will know exactly how to visualise your perfect competition, and how to stay grounded -  and how to get rid of that pesky negative self talk that can ruin any day!

You will have great skills to prevent injury, with a personalised injury prevention programme, and you will be given information on how to know if your treatment regime is working.  In addition, you are likely to know more about the current concepts of pain than many medical professionals!

Extra Details:

The course is one day.

You will be provided with notes and an individualised exercise programme. 

We need 15 people registered and pre-paid on 20 September  to run the course - please promote to your workmates, friends and contractors.

There will be a private Facebook group set up for you to be able to ask questions within the group to ensure you keep your good habits and continue to improve your performance.  


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