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What is Shear Pace?


The Shear Pace App is a productivity tool for sheep shearers, eliminating the need for both the tally counter and clock.  It takes care of the maths, giving ongoing and constant feedback in relation to shearing speed. This means that the goal setting is done once at the beginning of the day, and the shearer can focus on speed and technique, knowing that the app is keeping track of everything else.


We are a new company, located in Gisborne NZ, and we are here to provide you with tools for consistent tallies, and this includes our newly developed app, plus performance related information such as strength and fitness training, nutrition, mindset and tips and techniques to help you go faster and cleaner.


We are currently building our app, and it’s about to be tested, but we are so excited about it, we want you to be in on it when it’s released, in April 2016.  If you are interested in keeping up with the news, and being one of the first to use it, please leave your email, and join us on Facebook so we can contact you on the release day.



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