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We love shearing and the shearing industry, so we have been working hard at making this the experience you deserve.  

We want to hear from you about your experience, any ideas you have to make it bigger, brighter and better.  So, if you have, please comment on our contact page or email.


Our initial plan was to make this for shearers, but we have realised that there are so many uses for this app.  Use it for training for shows - set a number e.g. 20 sheep for the Golden Shears final. Use it to see how fast you can actually go in 15 minutes.  Sit at a show and see how fast they are getting the sheep down the porthole. Can you think of others? Comment below. 

So many options

Your phone is precious. We understand. This app works without any extras, but to make this experience one you will want to repeat, in addition to being able to supply quality phone covers with a belt hook (by pre-order at this stage) we have partnered up with Flic to provide you with a premium experience.  At this stage the Flic has an 8 week delivery time, so if you are keen on this technology (order the clip so you can clip it on a wire on your stand) then we recommend pre-ordering.  We may be able to provide these at shorter notice also and will update you with any changes. 

Necessary Parts
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